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Repair of the refrigerators is one of the most popular services of our company. Professional specialists of “Holodilnik Info” Company repair the refrigerators not only in Tashkent city but in such Tashkent region as Yangiyul, Chirchik, Nazarbek, Chinaz and other.

Our specialists provide the repair of the household refrigerators at the customer’s home. It allows to avoid the customer not only the problems during the refrigerator transportation, but also reduces time of the repair!

                                                 Trade refrigerating equipment

Are you going to set up your business and install the trade refrigerating equipment? Or your refrigerated case is broken? Professional specialists of “Holodilnik Info” Company will come immediately and eliminate any malfunctions of your equipment.

                                              Industrial refrigerating equipment

One of the main activities of “Holodilnik Info” Company is the providing of industrial project with cold, as well as the construction of the refrigerators and freezers, as well as shock freezing chambers, wine cellars etc.

We provide the quality services not only in Tashkent but also in Tashkent regions: Fergana, Namangan, Samarkand, Navoi, Karakalpakstan and other parts of Uzbekistan.

All necessary information about our services you will find on the pages of this site.

If you have any questions about refrigerating or industrial chilling equipment, contact “Holodilnik Info” Company at a time convenient to you or use “Feedback” and we will reply you.

                                                  Advantages of our company:

  • High qualified specialists of “Holodilnik Info” Company are always ready to help you and eliminate any malfunctions of your refrigerating equipment.
  • Technical consultants of the company will tell you the best options for you to choose the installation, from which you will choose the most suitable for you.
  • Our specialists have a great experience in the field of the repair of refrigerating equipment, as well as the certificate of technical qualification.
  • After the finishing of the implemented works, we also give all necessary instruction of the refrigerating equipment operation in order to avoid the malfunction during the operation.
  • We cooperate with many abroad producers of the climatic and refrigerating equipment, as well as we are ready to consult the clients about the delivery of the production from abroad to Uzbekistan.
  • Many clients whom we helped with the repair in the field of the refrigerating equipment, applied us again and recommended our company to their acquaintances.

                                         “Holodilnik Info” Company is your best choice!